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Europa Digital Ltd (EDL) the flagship of Europa Group of Companies. The group is engaged in Diversified activities pertaing to manufacture, marketing and finance of Consumer Electronic products. Right now the company is manufacturing high-end Smart LED Tvs.

From April 2018 the company is going to introduce Wi-Fi controlled Inverter Airconditioners.

Our vision

Our Vision from day one, has been to become a leading brand in consumer electronic, rather than a trader of products of other brands. EDL has a huge advantage in the form of in-house R&D. Europa Digital Ltd sells products at their own stores called Europa Exclusive Store.

Europa Digital Ltd has been quite successful in LED & Smart TV segment since 2010, however, after innovation and in house R&D, Europa Digital Ltd has ambitious plans in Inverter Airconditioners Market as well.

In medium to long term, Europa Digital Ltd is aiming to start exporting to African, Asian and Arabian countries. The company is already in advance stage of talk with some foreign partners to form JV to export. There is huge scope of growth in African countries. This is very positive for the company.


Europa Digital Limited (EDL) is an established brand in North, Central and East India in the segment of consumer electronics. It began operation on 17th June 2010. The primary objective of the company was to manufacturing and sell a quality consumer electronic products. However, within a year, under the guidance of Mr. Mukesh Bansal, President & CEO at Europa Digital Ltd., the Company decided to sell LED TVs in the name of Europa.

Europa Digital Ltd (EDL) has been quite successful in LED & Smart TV segment since 2010, however, after innovation and in house R&D, Europa Digital Limited (EDL) has ambitious plans in Water Purifier Market as well.

Mr. Bansal carries veteran experience in international trade, which he utilised to establish the brand. The Company opened its first store at Moga (Punjab). The Company has 3 directors, all diversified in terms of professional acumen and experience.

Europa Digital Ltd is a professionally managed joint stock company, where thrust is on decentralisation of authority and responsibility vis 'a vis unity of command. Apart from a professional team of employees, the company engaged few professional consultants in the area of corporate finance, taxation and international trade. Over 1200+ employees are currently working at Europa Digital at various positions and levels.

Europa has a group turnover of INR 128 Crores for the year ending 31st March 2017. The company achieved a huge growth in sales volume during the 2012-2017, Sales has increased to above eight times in these five years.


The business model of the company is very generic in terms of selling premium TV with contemporary series of technology & trend; however, the visible & explicit difference can be seen from the methodology which is used for marketing the brand and selling the products at very affordable EDI (equal daily instalments). The concept isn't new but the mechanism which has been designed with embedded technology is unique in the industry. Apart from that, the 'sales management' of the company where default risk is particularly controlled and linked to the master software which is only accessible to the top management is a distinguishing feature of Europa Digital. It helps keep the risk of default in check, which is the primary risk of any company retailing products on credit.

Europa Digital Limited (EDL) has huge competitive advantage mainly because of innovative marketing strategy coupled with customer support par-excellence.

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  • 2nd Floor,Vardhaman Building, Vikas Puri New Delhi-110018
  • Email: sales@europadigital.co.uk , customercare@europadigital.co.uk

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