About Europa

Europa is where we believe in Making Dreams Come True. Dreams of our esteemed Customers, our Team Members and our Associates.

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Europa is one of six moons of Planel Jupitor. It is also the sixth-largest moon in the Solar System.

The dot in “O” symbolises the Sanskrit word Bindu. Bindu is the point around which the universe is created.
In Upnishads a White Bindu represents Shiva or Moon while a Red Bindu represents Shakti or the Sun.

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The company started manufacturing and sales of high end LCD TVs in June 2010. It started with two Stores and a small Team of seven people led by President & CEO of the company Mr. Mukesh Bansal.

Presently the company owns and operates 57 Europa Exclusive Stores and sells Smart LED TVs. We plan to start sales of high-tech Laptops from January, 2021. In 2021, the company plans to open 27 Stores in Delhi. First three stores are scheduled to open in January, 21 in West Delhi.

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The unique scheme of finance and sales, started in 2010 is still going on strong and getting stronger. We corporatized an age old system of finance provided to shopkeepers in old mandi system. We take a small upfront payment say 20%, and balance is collected @ Rs. 100/day by our Collection Team.
The process involves virtually zero paper-work, no guarantee or income proof is required if customer is a shopkeeper.

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All our products are protected by a unique patented software which makes the product ask for a Password every month during the duration of finance. We take pride in the fact that no-one has been able to bypass the system inelastic 10 years.

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Our All operations of the company from Attendance to Invèntory, Sales, Collection and Password delivery are controlled by our own ERP and My Europa app.