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Could it be strange for a 18 yr old and 25 yr old up to now?

We came across this person within my certainly one of my medical classes in university and then he's literally the person of my goals. Nonetheless, personally i think just as if I'm too young for him and feel he could be best off with somebody their age. He said he liked me personally but i am afraid to have in a relationship with him due to the age gap that is large. I usually see individuals bashing on a-listers that date 18 years of age (Tyga and Kylie, for instance) it is it really that disgusting? I understand I willn't worry about how many other individuals think but I do not desire anyone thinking wrongly associated with the man just because he is dating an 18 yr old. Exactly what you think with this?

After all, you might be appropriate. I believe it is fine. It isn't that terrible of an age distinction.

Perhaps you have seen Pineapple Express?

It is not disgusting. You are in university! Then you should go for it if you feel mature enough to engage in a healthy relationship with him.