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In line with the prosecution barrister, Michael Bowes QC, much of Cilliers' behaviour had been "learnt" in the place of genuine.

Elizabeth Marsh QC, maximus money loans fees Cilliers' defence barrister, told the jury which he "did perhaps maybe maybe not improvement in any method" after Victoria's autumn. "He wasn't stressed or sweaty. He did not begin to act in a panicked or guilty way," she stated.

Whenever evidence that is giving declined become provoked. In an appartment tone he replied to cross-examination with "that's your perception" and "it's not as much as us to prove that".

Phyllida Wilson, a lecturer in psychopathy who had been watching the truth through the gallery that is public Cilliers displayed "all of the indications" of a psychopath.

"their curiosity about dangerous activities, their complete not enough remorse for their infidelity, their exorbitant investing, his womanising, along with his inability to empathise are typical in the recommended a number of psychopathic behavior," she stated.

"If the fuel did not work and also the parachute did not work, he could have had another get and another get until it had been effective."

Maybe tellingly, Cilliers frequently mentioned in texting marrying Ms Goller and proposing to her - yet not when did he mention a divorce or separation from Victoria.

Mr Bowes described the "callousness" Cilliers showed: "He texts his mistress while in the relative part of his really injured wife, saying: 'we can't imagine such a thing like this occurring for you; all I am able to think of is you'."

Cilliers' defence had been easy - he maintained into the end which he had not attempted to destroy their spouse. In the event that parachute was indeed sabotaged, it had beenn't by him.