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5 Challenges Divorced Dads Must Overcome: Study Right Here pt.2

Unfair stereotypes

The main good reason why the kid help system is really so harsh on divorced dads is basically because for many years, there's been an overemphasis on gathering re re payments. The machine priorities enforcement over fatherly involvement in children’s life.

This punitive system is basically this product of this misconception associated with dad that is deadbeat. There is certainly an presumption in culture there are a couple of dads available to you who will be with the capacity of making youngster help re re payments but will not achieve this. This label hails from a 1986 CBS report that profiled a person known as Timothy McSeed, whom bragged about having six kids whom he declined to guide economically.

While there absolutely are reckless dads, and moms, around, it's dangerous to generalize according to anecdotal proof. Empirical information paints a much story that is different dads into the kid help system.

Based on a U.S. General Accounting workplace Report, 66 per cent of all of the son or daughter help perhaps maybe not compensated by dads is a result of a failure to create the amount of money. Research posted into the Journal of Marriage and Family unearthed that many economically disadvantaged dads still did whatever they could to offer non-monetary efforts, such as for instance infant services and products, clothes, and meals.

Cordell & Cordell Founder and Principal Partner Joe Cordell happens to be assisting males and dads through divorce or separation and custody problems for longer than 25 years, in which he claims it's incorrect to paint with this kind of broad brush.